Hospital at Night



Photos by Shigechi Nagano

Text by Shuntaro Tanikawa

Published by Fukuinkan-Shoten, 1979.

Little Yutaka has come down with an inflamed appendix. He is rushed to hospital and operated on in the same evening. This fabulous reportage realistically captures the drama of the occasion. Pain and worry of the parents is contrasted with the calm professionalism of the doctors and nurses. The image of the scalpel about to make the incision into the stomach is followed by a beautiful shot of a pair of pliers holding two threads at the end of the successful operation. There is a cinematic quality to the sequence of images and it all couldn’t be more poignant. Published as vol. 9 in the children’s book series ‘Kodomo no tomo’ by Fukuin-kan, one of the leading publishers of children’s books.