Umbra Anthology 1967 -1968



The third issue of Umbra Magazine released in 1967. edited by David Henderson.

Includes: Sun Ra, LeRoi Jones, Henry Dumas, Norman Pritchard and drawings by Joe Overstreet.

The Umbra collective produced Umbra Magazine, which grew out of Friday-night workshops, meetings, and readings on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in summer 1962, “and out of the need expressed for it at those meetings”. Two issues, edited by Calvin Hernton, David Henderson and Tom Dent, were produced during the group’s life-time, including a ‘Richard Wright Mnemonicon’ in the second issue. After the group split and the workshops themselves ended following the assassinations of Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy, David Henderson took over as editor. A third issue appeared as ‘Umbra Anthology: 1967-1968’, followed by the fourth issue, ‘Umbra Blackworks’ in 1970, and ‘Umbra Latin / Soul’, co-edited by Henderson, Barbara Christian and Victor Hernandez Cruz in 1974.