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Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple Computer
Gordon Thygeson
Pomo Publishing, 1997. Apple employees have long been expressing themselves with t-shirt art. For twenty years t-shirts have chronicled events and accomplishments within Apple Computer. Here to view for the first time is the unique talent and creativity of some of the world’s most ingenious employees. Their work is represented in over 1500 pictures of more than 1000 shirts that mark the public recognition of the milestones achieved.There are shirts for the PowerBook teams, the Newton teams, the Apple II teams, the System 7 teams, the beta-testers, and even shirts for the Flint team. Some of my favorite Apple T-shirts? One is the “System 7 sucks less–We’ve upped our standards–up yours.”  My other favorites include most of the Copland, and the obligatory “Windows ’95=Macintosh ’89.” These are a mere few of the great ones.