The Faith of Graffiti



Norman Mailer & Mervyn Kurlansky – The Faith of Graffiti

Praeger Publishers, Inc, New York, 1974. First edition. Large softcover. The simultaneous paperback issue. In 1973, author Norman Mailer teamed with photographer Jon Naar to produce The Faith of Graffiti, a fearless exploration of the birth of the street art movement in New York City. The book coupled Mailer’s essay on the origins and importance of graffiti in modern urban culture with Naar’s radiant, arresting photographs of the young graffiti writers’ work. The result was a powerful, impressionistic account of artistic ferment on the streets of a troubled and changing city–and an iconic documentary record of a critical body of work now largely lost. Softcover. Folio. A slightly worn good copy in wrappers with some minor wear.