Seiji Shibuya Akaaka, 2010. 172 pp. Art Director : Kazuya Kondo¬† “DANCE” is a book of vibrant color photos, created out the entire archive of Seiji Shibuya’s photographs, including ones he’d actually forgotten about. Editing this book took roughly one year to edit, and the sequencing of the book is one of its strong points. Many of the photos in “DANCE” deal with natural elements, and there are a few different sections of the book which riff on the same subject, like fire, or flowers: we see six or seven images in a row, taken from similar but slightly different perspectives. Aside from this unique editing technique, there are a number of striking snapshots which can stand on their own. Some of the images are vague, but they are balanced out by the other photos with exceptionally strong composition. Slight wear to rear cover.